Our core competencies

Around 100 staff – most of them highly qualified specialists – work in Burgdorf in a wide range of different roles.


Sensor engineering

The sensor team develops and takes care of the banknote sensors. The core competence of the team is the design of systems with optimised service lives used for processing various image data and the data of individual sensors. To this end, the team contains specialists in the fields of electronics, firmware, qualification, audit chains and production support.


Banknote engineering

The banknote team develops configurable algorithms and software used for reliable machine recognition of banknotes used in around 100 currencies all over the world. The team boasts extensive technical expertise in the field of machine verifiability, not to mention in the counterfeit and fitness recognition of banknotes. It draws together specialists in algorithms, currency adaptation and qualification, as well as from the application software field.


Supply chain management (SCM)

The SCM team is responsible for the entire value chain of our banknote sensors. Its remit stretches from purchasing and materials scheduling to order processing and logistics, production planning and control, all the way through to assembly, testing and shipping of the devices. Moreover, the SCM team is responsible for analysing flaws and repairing sensors.


Finance & administration (G&A)

The G&A team is responsible for the central services at CI Tech Sensors. Its areas of responsibility include finance, legal, compliance, human resources and team assistance, as well as IT and the infrastructure of our premises.