Our network

Our network of international partners allows us to identify developments and changes in currencies in good time and to react accordingly. In addition to the banknote industry, we also maintain close ties with central banks across the world and are able to utilise the networks of our two parent companies in the fields of pre-processing and post-processing.

Our partner network

Banknote industry

Banknotes are a high-tech product whose development requires a great deal of expertise – not only in terms of paper/substrates and printing/ink but also relating to security features and automated processing. In order to identify the latest banknote trends and developments in good time, we maintain close ties with the most important players in the industry and also with our parent company Giesecke+Devrient. We examine new and potential security features used on banknotes to see whether they can be inspected using machines and whether they are counterfeit-proof.

Central banks

Our network also includes central banks across the world, which allows us to keep up with the latest information relating to new issues and frameworks. We also advise central banks when new banknote series are being developedregarding machine-readable designs and the automation-compatible definition of new regulations. Moreover, we cooperate with central banks in inspecting special counterfeits and carrying out analyses for fitness sorting.

Partner for currency adaptations

We make use of the global sales and service network of our two parent companies in the field of local pre-processing and post-processing. This allows us to access banknotes and their raw data in the corresponding country in order to create the software used for parameterisation. This also includes qualification measures, such as carrying out mass testing with local banknotes in street quality.